Do your prayers ever seem unanswered?

There’s a beautiful story in Luke of two people who struggled with silence…Zacharias and Elizabeth. They endured daily shame in a culture that believed no children was a sign of hidden sin. However, according to Luke, they were both righteous before God (1:6) and had prayed for a child (1:13). Then suddenly, it happened…an angel appeared to Zacharias and gave him the incredible news that Elizabeth would have a child in her old age. God truly works in unique ways.

So, as you pray, remember:

  • Heavenly activity is going on regardless of your awareness – Luke 1:6 says they were not only righteous, but walked blamelessly regarding commandments and ordinances. They were being observed daily from God’s perspective and their prayers were not forgotten. While they faithfully went about their daily life, God was at work.
  • Silence doesn’t necessarily equal “no” – During the silence, the natural conclusion would have been, “God doesn’t want us to have children.” In truth, He didn’t want them to have children…until the right time. In the meantime, there was a powerful ingredient being sprinkled into Zacharias and Elizabeth’s life. It was the ingredient of “time”. It may have been unwelcome, but her age was part of the miracle.
  • It’s worth the wait – John was no ordinary baby. Not only was he special in the timing of his birth, he was special in spiritual power. The Bible says he was filled with the Holy Spirit in his mother’s womb (1:15) and grew to be a firebrand in the order of Elijah (1:17). There had been 400 years since the previous prophet and suddenly they were chosen to raise the one preparing the way for the Messiah!

Don’t give up. Keep praying. Stay faithful…and trust Him.

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