When choosing a husband for His mom/leader of their home, Jesus chose Joseph. We know very little about him, but what information we have is significant. He was a Jewish tradesman with no special social status; but the comment about his character in Matthew is “just”. Here was a man of integrity making plans to start a family with his wife-to-be, when life suddenly got complicated. His future wife revealed she was pregnant (obviously not his) and he had some decisions to make; and he chose compassion. When you also consider the nature of Mary’s character (one that warranted being chosen as the mother of Jesus), the shocking thought of her being promiscuous, must have crushed him. But thankfully, there’s more to the story.

An angel appeared to him, explaining that she had been faithful all along, and the Child was miraculously conceived. Then very succinctly, the scripture records that he, “did as the angel of the Lord commanded him and took to him his wife.” Regardless of the cloud of gossip, he took the Baby to the temple for circumcision on the eighth day, named Him Jesus as instructed, and presented Him with the accompanying offering.

So, what’s the significance of Joseph? Simply this; he was a man who could be “entrusted”. He had an integrity about him that God could use. He may have built houses for a living, but God called him to build a home for the Messiah. Never underestimate the significance of your character, because in the end it determines your significance.

“Then Joseph…being a just man…” – Matthew 1:19 NKJV

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