Three Reasons Why I’m Praying for Judge Kavanaugh’s Confirmation

Occasionally, a political situation will move me to prayer and the nomination process of Brett Kavanaugh is one of them. Here are three simple reasons why I’m praying for his confirmation:

  • He has a track record of being committed to the “rule of law”. As boring of a subject as it is, our civilization literally depends on the rule of law being respected in the court system (which has been increasingly undermined by political activism, legal bullying and emotional appropriation).
  • He has been thoroughly vetted by both parties. The circus that was supposed to be a serious committee hearing involved thousands of documents, many private interviews and over-the-top public challenges. Within that context, there were no disqualifying issues to prevent a yes or no vote.
  • He is now the target of a blatant political assault. It is painfully obvious that the last-minute accusations toward Judge Kavanaugh are rooted in a political agenda and not justice. His personal destruction has become the goal, and if they succeed, it will signal that no conservative is safe from coordinated, systematic elimination (even with a decades-long, impeccable record).

I get it, politics may not be your thing, but unfortunately the political left is determined to push it into every single corner of our life. This nasty, ugly process shows the depth of their resolve. From the overwhelming amount of personal testimony from men and women who’ve worked with Judge Kavanaugh over the years, he’s known as an honest and decent man. It appears that Washington is hostile to both qualities, but we must still seek and live out both.

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