What’s so special about a sunrise?

For some it’s the beauty, for others it marks the end of a night shift, and for commuters, a companion in the early hours. Regardless of your appreciation, a sunrise represents the beginning of a new day. In a similar way, the Bible speaks of newness. Romans 6:4 describes the picture of us being buried with Christ in His death and raised to walk in “newness of life”. The life of a disciple is filled with newness, and each day is an opportunity to walk in it.

So what is walking in “newness”? It’s a deliberate posture of turning one’s back to sin, and seeing each day as one filled with:

  • Purpose that is ordained of the Lord
  • Forgiveness that brings liberty
  • Boundaries that provide a framework for success
  • Opportunities that present fresh experiences with the Lord

Is your spiritual posture turned away from sin? What area of your life needs refreshment? Do you see this day as one filled with newness? It can be…

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